Our Compulsory Team has tryouts every December to begin training for the next competitive year.    The gymnasts will train the skills needed for competition, learn their routines, begin competition in August, and end their season at the State Championships held in early December. Our program is designed to build the strength, skills, and confidence of our gymnasts. We work hard, use our time wisely and have fun!  With three Alabama state judges on staff, our girls have the most qualified instructors around!


Level 2 Team:  3 hours per week   (Tuesday & Thursday 4-5:30pm)

Level 3 Team:  5.75 hours per week   (Monday & Wednesday 5-6:30, Friday 3:45-6:30)

Level 4/5 Team: 7 hours per week  (Monday 6:30-8:30, Wednesday 6:00-8:30pm, Friday 5:00-7:30pm)



level 2







level 3 team




level 4